Our Services

"Yup, We can fix it."

We cater to all types of cycling disciplines and carry what you need for the road or the mountain. Need a repair or just need to keep up with your maintenance chores? Bring your ride to us and we'll make sure your out fast and without issues. Check out our competitive maintenance price chart below of our most popular bicycle services. 


Standard Tune Up: $55.00

Super Tune Up: $85.00
Bike Overhaul : $100.00
Gear Adjustment: $15.00
Tube & Tire install: $6.00 includes smile :)

Shock and Fork Overhaul: Call or Visit



Bike Fit: Call or Visit

Wheel True: Call or Visit

Wheel builds: Call or Visit

Custom Bike build: Call or Visit

Professional  Bike Packing: Call or Visit

Misc parts install: Call or Visit